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Transformation, personal knowledge and agency through dialogues in movement and music
Karin Greenhead
Creative music education as a sustainable craft
Magne Espeland 
Developing higher music education students’ creativity
Oscar Odena


Scores: working, re-working, interpreting, re-interpreting
Julia Abs
Scaffolding group creativity in music education: focus on relations
Olympia Agalianou
Online teaching and learning: a framework for stimulating the quality of kinesthetic experiences in music and dance education
Franziska Boehm, Christa Coogan
Creative interactions in psychiatric singing lessons
Teresa Boning
Creative teacher-student interaction in piano lessons with preschool children
Yanfang Chen
Enhancing the creativity of children: notion of creativity in Czechia
Jiřina Jiřičková
The impact of social skills on group creativity
Anna Maria Kalcher
Teaching for group creativity by music teachers in Victorian schools: a creative process perspective
Fiona King
Sequelae of the COVID-19 era call for creative interaction: the model of sound scene improvisation
Wolfgang Mastnak
“Violin-rules”: learning to develop creative interaction in beginner violin-group players
Annamaria Minafra
About the role of improvisation in instrumental training: a historical and critical perspective
Anna Müller
Creative interactions in polyaesthetic video processes: a project with students of the Tokyo Gakugei University
Masayuki Nakaji
PLAY SPACE MUSIC: an improvisation project between musicians and dancers with and without additional support needs
Susanne Rebholz, Shirley Salmon
Tradition + creativity: undergraduate students use classical music as a source of ideas for collaborative improvisation and composition
Andrea Sangiorgio
Creativity, embodiment and neuroscience: achieving creativity through pedagogy grounded in neuroscience
Robyn Staveley
Group composing and improvising in the music classroom: a comparative analysis based on reconstructing practice
Elisabeth Theisohn, Johannes Treß, Thade Buchborn
Next door is everywhere: cycles of cultural work at the Lab Inter Arts Salzburg
Helmi Vent
Invisible creative interactions: spiritual and empathetic flow in vocal group meditation
Jingyi Yang

Round table
Creative interactions in cultural traditions: a Euro-Asian perspective on elemental music & dance education
Wolfgang Mastnak (host), Lasanthi Manaranjanie Kalinga Dona, Sezen Özeke, Alla Toropova, Danhong Yu


Why music education needs imagination
Werner Beidinger
Giving and receiving feedback: a collaborative dialogue
Christa Coogan, Claudia Schmidtpeter
Improvisation for all ages
Doug Goodkin
Music in heterogeneous groups: inclusive and multifaceted
Veronika Kinsky, Eva Königer, Ines Pilz
An unusual visit to a museum: music – movement – interaction
Renate Kühnel
Creative collaboration
Soili Perkiö, Elisa Seppänen

Aufführung am 26. Mai, 19:30 Uhr

Moving within Earshot: Ein Abend mit Darbietungen kurzer Improvisationen und Kompositionen“

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