Performance 26th May, 7.30 pm

Moving within Earshot: A repertory evening of short improvisations and compositions

Immerse yourself in stories that arise from body and sound, from the interplay of rhythm and melody, of words and objects, of movement and dance.
These stories carry the pleasures of interactive discoveries and processes.


Performed by:
Students from artistic-pedagogical courses of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München as well as students from the Bode School in Munich (gymnastics, dance and rhythmic-musical movement school).

Artistic direction:
Christa Coogan and Claudia Schmidtpeter

Event Details:
Thursday 26th May 2022, 7.30 pm
Reaktorhalle, Luisenstr. 37a
Admission to the performance is free!
Please refer to the University’s Corona regulations, if applicable.

The performance will be live-streamed.


Up Side Down Impromptu between movement and music

Young students of the Ballet Academy meet music students of the HMTM in an improvisational interaction in the premises of Luisenstraße.

Staging: David Russo (HMTM)

Foyer of the Reaktorhalle, Thursday 26th, 11.00–11.30 (during the break)
Foyer of the Carl Orff Auditorium, Friday 27th, 11.00–11.30 (during the break) 

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