International conference


Creative learning, creative teaching, and teaching for group creativity in music education

Thursday 26th – Friday 27th May 2022
University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich, Germany
Organising Committee: Andrea Sangiorgio, Wolfgang Mastnak, Christa Coogan, Claudia Schmidtpeter

Nurturing learner creativity is a key aim in education and in music education. 

The conference Creative Interactions 2022 will gather together researchers, teachers and students to reflect on, share and celebrate valuable ideas about how we can foster young people’s creativity in and through music and the arts.

A rich range of presentations and practical workshops (see here the PROGRAMME BOOK and the CONFERENCE SCHEDULE) will focus on three basic aspects:

a) learners’ creative agency and identity,
b) educators’ own creativity in devising imaginative approaches to make learning more meaningful, and
c) pedagogic strategies that support the development of collaborative creative abilities in music and the arts.

The theme concerns diverse areas and educational contexts: early childhood, primary and secondary education, higher education, but also instrumental tuition, out-of-school contexts, special education, etc.

Among the relevant aspects:

  • cultural and educational notions of creativity
  • the design of creative processes in the classroom: planning for creativity
  • observing, understanding and guiding the development of learners’ creative skills and attitudes
  • the role of creativity in music education: enhancing the little c creativity of children, students, beginners, and non-professionals
  • creativity and artistry: developing an aesthetic sensibility and integrating perception, cognition, emotion and artistic action
  • interdisciplinary connections: music, movement/dance and beyond
  • psychological and cultural aspects as well as therapeutic implications of creative processes in education

Due to the continuing challenges posed by the pandemic situation, the Conference will be organised as a hybrid event, i.e. both online via a digital platform and face-to-face at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich (face-to-face attendance policies will abide by the University regulations).

In whatever form you will want to participate, we are looking forward to enjoying two days of inspiring presentations, participatory workshops and concerts with you!

Important dates

April 20, 2022: Early bird registration closed
April 21, 2022: Late payment registration open
May 26-27, 2022: Conference in Munich (and online)

Front image: Peter Nottrott
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